Breakfast is free at Makofi!
We serve Italian Lavazza coffee, Nutella, fresh seasonal fruit, home made African pastries, jam, fruit juices, eggs, toast and much, much more.

And lunch and dinner? You pay, but not much! 🙂
Our chefs will delight you with the best traditional Zanzibari dishes for an unforgettable food experience.

Have you heard about Makofi-Burger?
It’s our delicious cheeseburger made of fresh bread, caramelized onions, double cheese and other fresh ingredients masterfully combined. Available with beef, fish or vegetables.

As people say: “It’s love at first bite” 🙂

Makofi is not a restaurant…
And this is the reason why you can taste authentic local cuisine made in house by our girls!

Feel like… barbecue?
Every 3 or 4 days we organize a barbecue evening: fish, octopus, squid, chicken, rice in all sauces and other delicacies cooked with love by Chef Mboma!


10 km of white sand and crystal clear water for breathtaking walks. Small beach bars, local and European restaurants… there is no shortage of places to eat and drink with friends or romantic candlelit dinners.

Ask at the reception for special discounts exclusively for Makofi guests! 🙂

Nearby the guesthouse you can buy all kinds of souvenirs and also soak in the local culture of Nungwi, a small fishing village at the Northern tip of the island.

You can easily rent beds and sun-umbrellas on the beach at reasonable prices.


We provide bathroom towels but not beach towels.

We don’t have air conditioning*, just fans, and they do a great job. The rooms are fresh and cool. If you really can not stay without AC, we’ll help you to find another place 🙂

We don’t have glasses on the window*, just iron protections and mosquito nets. If you don’t like to be woken up by birds or others sound from the outside world, please use earplugs and if that is not enough, we’ll be happy to help you in finding another place 🙂

We don’t have safes. Makofi is a safe place itself. The staff is always here but, please, be smart and don’t leave million dollars in the common areas! 🙂

*Except in “King Hut”

We have hot water in every shower. Even in the shared ones. The heaters are located 5-10 meters from the rooms so the hot water takes 30-40 seconds to arrive but, be patient, it will arrive 🙂

We don’t clean your rooms, unless you specifically ask us to! There are brooms around, so if you want to give your room a quick sweep please feel free! 🙂

If you need us to change your towels or bedsheets, just ask. We’ll provide immediately.

We have universal sockets in every room. You don’t need any adapter in Makofi.

We have WIFI in all the property. Even inside the rooms.


If you book by our website, you will get a 15% discount on all food and drinks.

In order to confirm your reservation, 60 days before your checkin you will be asked to send a 50% deposit by our secure online payment links.

The remaining amount will have to be balanced at the checkin by cash (EUROS, new USD printed from 2006 onwards or Tanzanian Shillings) or by credit cards (+5 percent fee).

Be advised that near Makofi there are no banks and the only ATM is not always working properly so, if you need to withdraw cash or change you currency to Tanzanian Shillings, you can directly do it at the airport before coming to Makofi.

If you sleep 3 in a double bed, the 3rd person pays 15$ breakfast included.

If you sleep in a 3, asking for an additional mattress on the floor, the 3rd person pays 20$ breakfast included.

If you sleep in a 3, asking for an additional complete bed, the 3rd person pays 25$ breakfast included.

Prices do not include taxes and charges of USD 9 per person per night.

The final room price is always the same regardless of the booking engine you book from.

If you don’t find availability online, it means that we are really fully booked.


At the Zanzibar Airport there is no WI-FI but our drivers operate 24/7 and they are never late! If you book a taxi with us, be sure that we’ll be there waiting for you 🙂

The visa can be paid directly at the airport. It costs 50$ and you can pay cash or by credit card.

Depending on which company you fly with, you could be asked an exit fee of 40$.

The authorities require proof that you are vaccinated against yellow fever, but ONLY if you arrive from another country at risk of yellow fever. This applies also if you just have a layover in a country at risk of yellow fever.


Although we can’t predict the future, this is usually the situation:

December / March (Summer):
Low humidity, 30-32°C during the day, 27°C during the night. Sea 25-27°C. Very few mosquitos.

April / May (Rain season)
High humidity. Mosquitos.

June / September (winter):
Middle humidity, 27°C during the day, 20°C during the night. Sea 20-23°C. A bit of mosquitos.

October – November (Small rain season)
Middle humidity. 28°C during the day, 23°C during the night. Sea 22-24°C. Few mosquitos.




Tides change every 5-6 hours.

During low tide: usually in Nungwi you can have a swim also during low tide but we recommend to use protective shoes because it’s easy to get hurt with rocks and especially sea urchins.

During high tide: just enjoy! 🙂




We can help you to arrange any excursion around the island at the best prices because we don’t take any commission!

We just have friends and guides all around and we like to help them, supporting the local development.

We can even provide help finding accommodation if you want to sleep one night out of Makofi 🙂


Water in Zanzibar is not poisoned 🙂 But, if you’re not used to it, we recommend not to drink it. Also it’s better to avoid raw salads in local restaurants because you could get some light tummy problems!

Malaria in Zanzibar is very rare and, if something happens, there are hospitals and private clinics where they can immediately take care of it. Pharmacies and hospitals are 5 minutes from Makofi and, if you need, we can call emergency doctors 24/7.

In case of light injury, we have a First Aid equipment and we can immediately help you in disinfection.

Our WIFI connection is good but, if you want to watch movies online or do lot of video calls, we suggest to have your own local card for faster speeds. We can help to get your own card when you are here.

We always remind our guests to use water without wasting it. Use it but don’t abuse it. Water is precious here and we would really appreciate if you always keep that in mind. Thank you very much 🙂


Before sending us an email, please have a read of ALL-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW. You will most likely find the answer to your questions without having to wait for our answer! Thanks and see you soon! 🙂